I absolutely love CrossFit 1075 and the challenge that it gives me on a daily basis. The atmosphere and the bond we build together are incredible. I will always love my CrossFit family!! ❤️💪🏻
April A
Lake City
I’m physically stronger and more agile. This has helped with the other sports I play.
Ryan S
Lake City
I feel stronger, healthier and happier. I love the great friendship I’ve made here.
Ray W
Lake City
Stronger, better endurance, more energetic, & overall happier life after joining in May! Coaches are great & help keep me engaged. I feel this is great prep for my back country elk hunt in September
John S
Lake City
Not only am I making myself fitter and healthier, the other members and coaches help me be a better me!! I love everything about Crossfit 1075
Mason D.
High Springs
I am as strong as ever, but still looking to improve and it's the best, most excruciating pain (in a good way) my body has been put in. I always look forward to the next workout
Eric L
Lake City
CrossFit 1075 is a great place to get in shape and work out with an excellent group of people. The box has quality equipment, facilities and excellent coaches. I have visited a number of CrossFit facilities and this is one of the best!
Jim Moses
Lake City
Each coach I have and that each coach I have I can’t really pick one. All of them are special. Imagine walking into a gym and everyone even the athletes helping you get better. It’s not about who’s the best or the strongest. It’s about you vs you. How you become better.
Jackie M.
Live Oak
Crossfit 1075 has pushed me to limits I thought I couldn't reach. They give good criticism to achieve correct form and goals. CAMARADERIE is huge in this gym. I LOVE IT:)
Leslie M.
Lake City