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At Yoga1075, we speak to bodies in need of greater flexibility, stability, and mobility.

Supplement your workout regime as an active recovery option or simply encompass your desire for a full-body approach to wellness and fitness in your daily life.

Our job is to assist you on your journey, nurture your nature, cultivate self-awareness, encourage empowerment, and celebrate your successes.

All classes offer some level of opportunity to fully explore your own capacity for a range of motion, balance, flexibility, and more with practice through yoga postures (asana), breathwork (pranayama), and moments of meditative space.

The yoga studio features crisp and clean aesthetics designed to promote an optimal experience, with thoughtful details to make your practice as inspiring as possible. Step inside, comfortably remove your shoes, gather your props, and find your space on the mat.

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Allow this gentler style of yoga practice to help heal and massage your muscles while providing balance with space away from constant pushing & pulling. Gentle yoga is performed at a slower pace with less intense yoga poses and accommodates all levels of yoga students. Classes offer extended time for meditation, yogic breathwork, and relaxation. Gentle yoga focuses on releasing the tension, connecting with the breath, and improving flexibility.


Vinyasa means “breath-synchronized movement”. Vinyasa classes guide students through a series of postures that coordinate breath with movement, build awareness and alignment, and strengthen and promote flexibility and stability in the body. This class is smooth, flowing, and varied. Flows, or sequences, combine dynamic movements and steady holds along with opportunities to explore more advanced postures. You can expect a full circuit of the body’s range of motion while standing, twisting, forward folding, back bending, and hip opening. Class ends with an integrative, full-body 3-5 minute guided relaxation to allow restoration and rejuvenation.


Yin Yoga is both a physical and mental practice that increases mobility and flexibility. It encompasses long-held static poses, or “loads”, that can last from 90 seconds to several minutes. Yin Yoga is about patience and loading. As the body deepens into the timed stress, the proteins in the tissue begin to alter their composition. This results in a change in the body’s cells and gradually remodels and strengthens joints, bones, tendons, fascia, and ligaments. Yin Yoga will help reduce the chance of injury and will take your healthy body and bring it to its optimum.


A powerful pairing of two different disciplines of yoga. Vinyasa fuses the Yin style of longer held passive poses with the dynamic, yang style of Vinyasa (Flow). This class begins with the yin practice of passively stretching connective tissue and promoting the healing of joints and internal organs on a “cold” body. Experience opening your body to more flexibility and flow of energy while encouraging contemplation in meditative stillness. After holding a few poses transition into the flow with a varied sequence of movements to “warm” the body and unite body and breath. Overall this class is 60 minutes of ultimate self-care!


Buti Yoga is a dynamic asana (yoga postures) practice fused with primal movement, tribal dance, and deep core engagement. Often touted as a “sweat with intention” practice you can expect to pump up your heart rate, burn calories, and increase your resting metabolism. Strengthen and lengthen your muscles and body, cleanse and release toxic energy or trauma, and experience the effects of “letting go” with this celebration of movement in a supportive community setting


All Yoga1075 classes welcome ALL LEVELS of students, from beginner to seasoned practitioner.

Teens ages 13-15 are welcome to attend classes with an adult, 16+ may attend solo (unaccompanied).

Mats and props are provided in-studio and available for use at no extra charge. You are welcome to bring your own personal yoga mat and props also. If using in-studio items please sanitize at end of class using disinfectant wipes/cleaners available.

You are welcome to bring a water bottle. Hydration is encouraged.

It is best to not eat 1-2 hours before yoga practice as this allows for a better range of movement, rest, and digestion.

Comfortable clothing that allows for movement and a full range of motion is best. Typical yoga clothing includes leggings, sports bars, tank tops, t-shirts, activewear, sports shorts, etc. Yoga is usually practiced with bare feet but socks are permitted, along with yoga socks that have bottom grips.

Please remove shoes in the lobby entrance before entering the studio practice area through the french door. There is a place for keys and purses inside the studio that will be visible to you during class.

We offer physical assists and adjustments at Yoga1075. These are available during class and ONLY with permission from you. There are consent cards available with yes/no options. Yes allows yoga a coach within your space and onto your mat, and no politely declines. If you do not select a card then it will be implied that you do not wish for assists/adjustments nor for coaches to enter your practice space.

ALWAYS feel welcome to quietly enter the studio and find a space for your mat up to 15 minutes early and even several minutes after class begins. We understand that delays occur and believe that some yoga is better than no yoga, so latecomers welcome. You may let your coach know should you need to exit class early also.

Please silence cell phones in the studio and if you need to text or make a phone call then do so outside of the studio practice space to allow for the least amount of distractions inside the studio.

It helps to keep conversations before and after class lighthearted and volume low (library voices) when inside to allow for space, transitions to stillness, quiet reflection, and introspection.

Please feel free to connect with a staff member for help with CrossFit/Yoga1075 Tech. It is helpful to download the Pushpress App and learn the basics of class sign up and check-in. Signing up for classes ahead of time ensures your spot and eliminates wait times.

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